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TIP: You can have crosstalk on boards running at low frequency #hw_tip #001

A board that is randomly resting, freezing or has a weird behavior? The problem can be crosstalk ...

Just soldering

Testing ESP32 fix to prevent COM not detected error. Works!

Designing a FLEX PCB? You Need To Know This ....

Everything important you need to know when designing FLEX PCBs. Explained by Ata Syed

How Does a CPU Work and How To Create Your Own Processor

In this video we will design our own CPU. Explained by Steve Hoover

How to Design and Simulate PCB Antenna

Steps to create and simulate inverted F coplanar antenna in MATLAB Antenna toolbox.  The PCB antenna from this video can be used for example for WiFi or Bluetooth. Explained by Giorgia Zucchelli from MathWorks.

See How Audio Filters Work | Compressor, Notch, Shelf, Limiter and more ... | Remco Stoutjesdijk

Explains what audio filters do and when and how to use them to improve audio quality. Thank you very much Remco Stoutjesdijk

How to measure DDR4 memories

How to probe DDR4 memory signals, what to look for on the oscilloscope and how to run DDR4 compliance tests. Thank you very much to Maurizio Mastrofini and Teledyne LeCroy

Must Know This to Understand High Speed PCB Layout Simulation | S-Parameters Explained, Eric Bogatin

How the model of PCB used in high speed board simulations is created. Explained by Eric Bogatin. Thank you Eric.

How To Promote Your Own Tech Products? | Money, Certification, Marketing

TIPS on how to promote, fund, certificate and market your own (not only) tech products. Explained by Andre' LaMothe

How Can You Sell Your Own Tech Products?

TIPS on how to design, manufacture and SELL your own (not only) tech products. Explained by Andre' LaMothe

Tutorial For Beginners to Start with 3D Printing

Everything you need to know to start with 3D printing.

Do You Really Need Power Planes? Are you sure? | Eric Bogatin

Maybe you don't need extra power layers in your PCB and using tracks for power distribution may be just ok. An interesting discussion with Eric Bogatin. Thank you Eric.

NOT in the Copper! 3D Animation of a Signal Through a VIA | Yuriy Shlepnev

Watch this animation to understand better how a signal is lost when travelling through a VIA. Explained by Yuriy Shlepnev. Thank you very much Yuriy

Energy lost in a VIA: 1GHz vs 30GHz #shorts

I am working on part 2 of the video with Yuriy.

Unexpected Currents On The Other Side Of GND Plane - You may be surprised | Yuriy Shlepnev

Eye opening! Stitching VIA and return currents in PCB Layout. Explained by Yuriy Shlepnev. Thank you very much Yuriy

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