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Have you seen decoupling capacitor currents?

This is a challenge video! How do you explain to yourself what is happening there? Leave comments.

How To Create 3D Models For Your PCB Board - It's Simple

This is how you can create your own 3D models for components.

PCB Stackups - Feel Free to Use them

Stackups for you, so you have more time for doing PCB layout. Hope this helps.

PCB Gerber Files - Interesting to know

Finally I know how the picture from gerber files is generated.

What is KiCad about? Starting with KiCad ...

Everything important you may want to know to start with KiCad.

3D Printing Model of Your PCB - You can do it

It's not difficult (unless it's difficult), it's not expensive and it can be useful.

Altium - Moving and Snapping Tips & Tricks

Useful Tips & Tricks which can save you time and make your work on PCB layout easier.

Interesting PCB Layout Design Guidelines for Signals above 20Gbps

About PCB material properties, safe space between tracks, impedance of VIA & PADs

PCB Simulation vs. Real Board - DC Currents and Voltage drop

Comparing results from the real boards with results from a simulation.

How to Create & Use Components in Altium 365 and Concord PRO (Step-by-Step)

This tutorial explains how to work with components in Altium365 and in Concord Pro

How Hot The PCB Tracks Can Get?

Running different currents through PCB Tracks and checking them with thermal camera.

Altium: How to create Filters & Rules EASY

This video explains a simple way to create queries for filters and rules + we will go through some useful examples.

How to Check PCB Footprint vs Real Component

Explains what you may want to be careful about when you are comparing footprint with a real component.

The Same Simple Board but Different Layouts

Eight simulations to explore DC Currents and Voltage Drop on the same boards, but with different placement and different layout.

How Long It Takes To Design Electronic Boards?

Real numbers from real projects to tell you how long it really takes to design an advanced board. How long it takes to draw schematic, do PCB layout and more ...

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