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TIP #080: Add testpoints

Why? They are useful during debugging and they can be used during manufacturing and production test.

TIP #079: Name every important net

Why? During layout you immediately know what net you are routing.

TIP #078: Preferably use through hole connectors

Why? After some time, SMT may fell of the board … together with some tracks.

TIP #077: Make component outline a little bit bigger

Why? You want to be sure that you will be able to fit all components on your PCB, even if their outlines are touching.

TIP #076: Consider to place small SMD LEDs on the edge

Why? It makes the enclosure design simple.

TIP #075: Consider not using dot (“.”) in symbols

Why? Dot may not be very well visible in PDF or printed schematics. Values can be easily mixed up.

TIP #074: You may not want to use a hierarchical design

Why? Hierarchical design may be hard to follow and read. It adds additional work and it can bring in unnecessary mistakes.

TIP #073: If you are not sure if a circuit is going to work ...

Why? This helps you to minimize number of revisions of your board.

TIP #072: Name schematic pages by short and clear names

Why? You will quickly find the page which you would like to open.

TIP #071: Consider not using autorouter

Why? People still do the best job.

TIP #070: You may want to use 1% resistors instead of 5%

Why? The price is almost the same and you do not need to stock both. Also, it may help with reliability and stability.

TIP #069: You can use an industrial hot air gun to replace

Why? Cheap, easy and works. You may need some practicing.

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