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Thinking to Simulate Your PCB Layout? This May Help ... (with Steve Sandler)

What you are expecting may be completely different from what is happening on your PCB. Also, this video shows how you can do some simulations of your PCB and what you may learn from these simulations.

What book for PCB Layout? Answering this and other questions ...

What is your advice? 5 top questions from people asking how to become a great engineer.

How To Improve Your PCB Layout - Power Planes

Commenting on a PCB Layout done by a junior engineer + some tips for power plane layout.

How GND VIAs Improve Your PCB Layout

See how a stitching VIA helps to control return current path.

PCB Layout & Decoupling - Measuring and Fixing (Part 3)

How to fix a noise on power pin by measuring PDN impedance.

What Every PCB Designer Should Know - Return Current Path (with Eric Bogatin)

Discussion with Eric Bogatin about why return currents flow under tracks ... and more ...

Does Return Current Flow Under Signals? Watch these examples ...

I always wanted to see if for higher frequencies currents really flow under signals. Here it is ...

PCB Layout & Decoupling - Understanding Impedance (Part 2)

When capacitor is an inductor ...

PCB Layout & Decoupling - Explained why it's so complicated (Part 1)

Change the way how you look at powers on your board.

How to do BGA fanout - VIAs & Layers

What you may want to think about when doing BGA fanout ...

How To Improve Your PCB Layout - Routing & Space

Commenting on a PCB Layout done by a junior engineer.

How To Improve Your PCB Layout - VIAs

Commenting on a PCB Layout done by a junior engineer.

Have you seen decoupling capacitor currents?

This is a challenge video! How do you explain to yourself what is happening there? Leave comments.

How To Create 3D Models For Your PCB Board - It's Simple

This is how you can create your own 3D models for components.

PCB Stackups - Feel Free to Use them

Stackups for you, so you have more time for doing PCB layout. Hope this helps.

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