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How to create & setup Altium Database Library - Step by Step

In this video, you will create and setup your own Altium Database Library using Altium + ODBC + MySQL server on Amazon AWS.

How to Draw Schematic & Tips to Improve Schematic ...

How to redirect high speed interfaces, about decoupling the chips and connectors, about cables and connector pinout

How to Draw Schematic & Tips to Improve Schematic ...

How to check pin connections of a chip and what to be careful about.

How to Draw Schematic & Tips to Improve Schematic ...

Pointing out the things what you may need to be careful about, what to improve in your schematic and why.

See how signals are travelling in your PCB

This video helps you to visualize what is happening on your board - especially important for designing very high speed interfaces.

Altium - How to Copy Placement ...

Simple way to copy placement between components or cloning / replicating placement of component blocks in PCB.

Understanding PCB Layout Essential - Change the ...

About different way of thinking when doing PCB Layout. Do not think about voltages and currents, think about transferring energy.

Learn Altium Essentials – Doing PCB Layout (Lesson 4) – Second Edition

Component placement & routing in Altium Designer

Altium Tip: Selecting objects – Difference between Right & Left

There is difference in selecting objects when starting at top left vs top right. I didn’t know about this for a long time. Hope you find this useful.

Simple way to Calculate Impedance, Current, Crosstalk, …

Going through Saturn PCB Calculator – which is free and useful software for engineers. I use the software a lot to calculate impedance, maximum current for tracks / VIAs and sometimes to check possible crosstalk.

Altium – How to set and use Layer Type (very useful in libraries)

A feature which helps you to define PCB layers based on how they are used instead of assigning them to a specific Mechanical Layer.

How to design cheaper PCB? What the parameters on PCB manufacturer website mean?

See how much the basic parameters of your design can change price of your PCB.

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