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For Every Electrical Engineer - Great words by Eric Bogatin

I just had to share these words from our call with Eric. The full video coming next week ...

How to Do DDR Memory Bit & Byte Swapping - DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, ...

Do you know what a nibble in DDR memory design is?

How Does Copper Get Inside of a VIA Hole in Your PCB - Do you know this? (with Kailey Shara)

Do you know why PCB Manufacturer may use tin to protect tracks and VIAs when your PCB is manufactured? Do you know how exactly PCB VIA plating is done? Thank you Kailey Shara for explanation

What to consider when selecting chips for your new board (MCU, CPU, Ethernet, Audio, ...)

What is the most important thing for you when selecting chips for your boards?

What Every PCB Designer Should Know - Crosstalk Explained (with Eric Bogatin)

The best animation to explain crosstalk I have ever seen! Thank you Eric.

Ground in PCB Layout - Separate or Not Separate? (with Rick Hartley)

Do you separate Digital GND and Analogue GND, or not? What do you think is better?

What Questions From Electronics You Always Wanted to Ask? You can ask here ...

When you are designing boards, what questions you keep asking? What would you like to understand better? What would you ask an expert for High Speed Design, EMC, Power delivery, Simulations, ...?

How I Record My Videos - Is Your Setup Better?

How important is sound? Camera? Light? In your opinion, what is the most important thing in great videos? And what is really disturbing?

How to Build and Manage a BIG Project - You can do it!

How do you decide on what tasks are the most important? How do you know where to start and what to do next? How to build a project which even you do not know how exactly it is going to look when it is finished?

Is KiCad Ready to Replace Paid PCB Design Software? (with Wayne Stambaugh)

Is KiCad going to be always free? Is it now good enough to design any board? Who decides what new features will be implemented and where the project goes? Thank you Wayne for a great call. PS: Leave your comments, what do you think about KiCad and its future?

What is The Best VIA Placement for Decoupling Capacitors?

How much better is it to connect decoupling capacitor with a wide track comparing to a narrow track? Is it really a huge difference? What do you think?

Which PCB Design Software is The Best? The Top 4 Are ...

Which is your favorite PCB CAD Tool? Is it Altium? Cadence? KiCad? Mentor? Or something else?

How to improve your PCB Layout - Checking Nets

How do you check nets in your PCB? What is your special technique?

How To Design Your Own Electronic Product: 30 Steps of a Board Development Process

What do you think? Many people think, that a board development is mostly about Schematic Design and PCB Layout. Do you agree?

Should You Use Altium 365? This can help you to decide ...

4 different experiences of using A365: as a Hardware Design Engineer, Team Leader, Software Engineer and Manager / Client / Customer.

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