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How to add a Page number to a Port in Altium Designer

This video describes how to automatically add a page number to ports. Page number refers to the page where signal continues.

Advanced PCB Layout - Lesson 8 of Schematic & PCB Design Course

PCB Layout Tips & Tricks, DDR2 / DDR3 Memory layout, Differential pair routing, Wide bus routing (PCI, ISA, ... ), Impedance calculation, Stackup design, CPU Fanouts and more.

Schematic & PCB Design Course - Overview

Electronic Hardware Design Course led by Motherboard Designer.

Altium Designer Tutorial - Printing

Shows how to print assembly drawings or selected layers from Altium Designer.

Altium Designer - DDR2 routing and layout

This video has been taken when I was doing DDR2 layout using Altium Designer.

Altium Designer Tutorial - Nets / Components browsing / probing in schematic and PCB

How to compile project in Altium Designer and used it to browse / probe the nets / components in schematic and PCB.

DDR2 & DDR3 layout difference

UDIMM memory module examples. This short video is a part of Schematic & PCB Design Course.

Easy desoldering of 8-pin DFN with Exposed pad

Simple way to remove a VFDFN chip using one Soldering iron only.

Altium Designer - Component Placement Tutorial

This short video demonstrates the way I do component placement in Altium Designer.

Altium Designer - Define a Custom Grid under BGA

This video demonstrates how to create a custom grid on your PCB within a specific area (e.g. under BGA). Very useful and easy.

Altium Designer Vault - What is it all about?

I read everywhere about Altium Vault, but I had no idea what is it all about. I decided to test it and make a short video about it. Here it is ...

Altium Designer - Create BOM & Library from Supplier's Data

Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to import component information from supplier database and how simple it is to generate BOMs

Altium Designer - DDR2 / DDR3 Length Matching

This video explains one of possible techniques used for DDR2 / DDR3 length matching in Altium Designer.

Altium Designer - Components included in BOM or PCB Only

This video demonstrates how to create components which are in BOM only (e.g screws, ...) or in PCB only (e.g mounting holes, ...). Learn something new Today :)

Altium Tutorial for Beginners: How to do Schematic & PCB Layout

This video tutorial shows everything what you need to know to start with Altium Designer - Creating Schematic symbols & PCB footprints, Drawing Schematic, Doing PCB layout and Generating Outputs for Manufacturing.

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