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PCB Soldering with a Hot Air Gun

You can solder BGA and QFN packages / components at home or at your LAB with inexpensive hot air gun. I made this video tutorial for you, so you can try it by yourself.

PCB Layout Planning - How to decide on Layers

WOW - Planning layout, that sounds really scary :) but it can actually save you a lot of time.

Altium Designer - Delete tracks while using Backspace

Very useful trick to delete tracks. Select a segment and press Backspace key for multiple times.

How to add a Page number to a Port in Altium Designer

This video describes how to automatically add a page number to ports. Page number refers to the page where signal continues.

Advanced PCB Layout - Lesson 8 of Schematic & PCB Design Course

PCB Layout Tips & Tricks, DDR2 / DDR3 Memory layout, Differential pair routing, Wide bus routing (PCI, ISA, ... ), Impedance calculation, Stackup design, CPU Fanouts and more.

Schematic & PCB Design Course - Overview

Electronic Hardware Design Course led by Motherboard Designer.

DDR2 & DDR3 layout difference

UDIMM memory module examples. This short video is a part of Schematic & PCB Design Course.

Easy desoldering of 8-pin DFN with Exposed pad

Simple way to remove a VFDFN chip using one Soldering iron only.

Altium Designer - Component Placement Tutorial

This short video demonstrates the way I do component placement in Altium Designer.

Altium Designer - Define a Custom Grid under BGA

This video demonstrates how to create a custom grid on your PCB within a specific area (e.g. under BGA). Very useful and easy.

Altium Designer Vault - What is it all about?

I read everywhere about Altium Vault, but I had no idea what is it all about. I decided to test it and make a short video about it. Here it is ...

Altium Designer - Create BOM & Library from Supplier's Data

Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to import component information from supplier database and how simple it is to generate BOMs

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