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Altium - How to use xSignals (in Fly-By, T-Branch, ...)

This video explains how to setup xSignals and do length matching in Fly-by & T-Branch DDR3 memory layout.

Altium - VIAs, uVIA, Buried VIAs (The New & Old Way)

This video describes the changes between VIA settings in the Old and New Altium Designer.

Altium - Component Placement & Probing (The New & Old Way)

This video explains how to do component placement & probing in the Old and in the New Altium Designer.

How to create: "Pencil like" Board Drawing

Sometimes you may want to insert drawings of your board into some documents (for example manual). This is simple and nice way to do it.

Do you check your schematic the same way?

We use this technique to check projects with a lot of schematic pages 30, 40, 50 and more. Do you check your schematics the same way?

How to Design a BOX for my PCB? It's simple and Free

If you would like to see how your PCB board would look in an enclosure or in a box, it’s very easy to do. This is a simple DesignSpark tutorial.

Altium - How to generate 3D PDF - It's Easy

Explains, how to generate 3D PDF of your board in Altium Designer.

Altium Tutorial - Quick Track Selection, use TAB

To select a track on one layer in Altium Designer, press TAB. To select the whole track, use 2x TAB. Watch this short video.

Altium - How to Create Library from Existing Project

Explains how you can create a library from existing projects or reference schematics and re-use the components in your designs.

Altium Tutorial - Variants & Printing PDF Schematic

Explains a simple way to print schematics for different variants of your board.

Altium - Differential Pairs (The New & Old Way)

This video explains how to setup differential pairs in the Old and in the New Altium Designer.

Altium - Stack Manager (The New & Old Way)

This video explains difference between the Old Altium Stackup Manager and the new one.

Altium - How to Define Board Shape (The New & Old Way)

This video explains how to redefine board shape in the old and also in the new Altium.

14 Tips to improve Arduino Schematic and PCB

Here are couple of tips which you may want to consider when you will be designing your own Arduino Uno like board.

Altium - Smaller clearance under BGA or Footprint

Way to set the special rule in Altium Designer is to set a clearance rule under a specific footprint. Watch this video to see how to do it.

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