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TIP #020: Don’t forget about heat distribution

Why? Some components may get really hot and you may need to place there heatsink or find another way how to take the heat away.

TIP #019: Always be sure that pin numbers are pointing to ...

Why? Because it’s one of the silly mistakes which you can make while creating a new component. It is often very hard to find and fix.

TIP #018: Always create a BOX around ribbon cable headers

Why? You need space for mating connector and you may use boxed and unboxed version of header

TIP #017: For complex boards, build at least 3 to 5 prototypes

Why? Many times, there may be something wrong from assembling process or you may damage some boards during testing.

TIP #016: Using series termination resistors may help

Why? It will slow down the signal edge.

TIP #015: Create a TODO file to list the future changes

Why? It helps you to remember the changes in the next revision

TIP #014: If you have an exposed pad, consider ...

Why? It helps during soldering.

TIP #013: Be aware, connectors may need to be on the edge

Why? You may want the connectors to be touching the enclosure. Some connectors have springs, others have panel around them.

TIP #012: Put useful notes into schematic

Why? So you do not forget about important stuff, so you do not have to look for the information again and again

TIP #011: Don’t forget to place mounting holes on your board

Why? If there are no mounting holes, how you are going to fit it into enclosure or a system?

TIP #010: Once you name a net, always copy and paste its name

Why? Because if you write it manually you can make a mistake.

TIP #009: Choose two or three biggest component suppliers ...

Why? It makes manufacturing easier.

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