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Tutorial #1: How to Design and Build Your Own Board - Simply and Easily

A Step by Step tutorial to help everyone to learn how to design and build a simple microcontroller board - even if you have never designed any boards before and you do not know much about electronics. This Part 1 is about how to draw a schematic for power and LED.

Ordering a Cheap PCB + Assembly in China. Is it worth it?

What is your experience with a cheap assembly service? I am curious, maybe I just had a bad luck with this specific board?

How To Create a Test For Your Boards - Everything essential you need to know (with Sean Hadley)

What is your best tip for board testing? What did you find very useful? Thank you Sean Hadley

Is The Space What You Use Between PCB Tracks Wide Enough? (1H / 3H / 6H Crosstalk Simulation)

What space do you use between tracks on your PCB?

50 000 Subscribers - Thank you! Answering your questions ...

Thank you very much for watching the videos I create. Robert

How to Design and Build Your Own Idea - Example: A Magic Wand (with Samson March)

What idea have you built and you are most proud of? PS: Thank you very much Samson March

Altium - How to Fix: Off Grid Warning, Missing Footprint, Unknown Pin, Clearance Violations

I created this video to explain how to fix the most common problems what many people ask me about when starting with Altium Designer. I hope it helps.

3 Simple Tips To Improve Signals on Your PCB - A Big Difference

Do you know what I changed to improve the signals in the picture? What do you think?

How to Design Your Own Chip And How to Build it For Free (It Is Possible) - with Matt Venn

Do you know how a chip is designed? Did you know there is a way to manufacture your own chip ... and for free? Thank you very much Matt Venn, eFabless, Skywater, Google

How to Design Your PCB Antennas And How Antennas Work (Bluetooth Antenna Examples) - with John Dunn

Do you know how a PCB antenna works? Is it the same as what John is explaining in the video? Thank you John Dunn, John Carney and Cadence

Position of PWR and GND Planes in Your PCB Stackup Makes a Big Difference ...

What do you think, is there a difference if you place PWR and GND planes close to the component layer vs. when you place the planes far away? I was very surprised ...

This 72 seconds may Change the Way how you See the Signals in your PCB ...

How do you imagine signals travelling in your PCB? As the first or as the second animation? PS: This very simple animation is based on our discussion with Eric Bogatin in one of my previous videos. I hope I am not wrong :) What do you think?

How to Decide on Your PCB Layer Ordering, Pouring and Stackup (with Rick Hartley)

Do you pour copper on your signal layers or not? Thank you very much Rick Hartley. Credits to Daniel Beeker, Lee Ritchy and Susy Webb

Do you know someone who created an Online Course About Electronics?

If you know someone who created an online course about electronics, please let me know. Thank you very much.

Understanding Crosstalk in PCB Layout - You may wish you knew this before (with Eric Bogatin)

The best crosstalk explanation I have ever seen. What do you think? Thank you Eric Bogatin. PS: Please share, not because I would like to get views, but I believe it can help many engineers. Thank you.

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