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Speaking at AltiumLive 2022

I will be speaking at AltiumLive 2022. The conference is online and it is free, so if you are designing boards don't forget to registers. You may find there some interesting presentations.

2021 Videos | Behind the scenes | Unpublished videos

Leave your comments for the guests who I was lucky and honored to create videos with this year. A big thank you to (in the order the videos were created): Rick Hartley, Eric Bogatin, Kailey Shara, John Dunn, Matt Venn, Samson March, Sean Hadley, Kenneth Wood, David Ruff, Min Zhang, Bert

Making a Magic Wand | DIY | Wizards Wand

Build this Harry Potter like magic wand by yourself. Watch a step by step tutorial about how to do it. Enjoy this project!

Learn To Fix EMC Problem Easily And In Your Lab - Troubleshooting Radiated Emissions | Min Zhang

Troubleshooting EMC problem can be done directly in your lab before going into an EMC test house. Practical example in this video - fixing Radiated Emission issue of a Flyback Power supply. Thank you very much Min Zhang.

Many EMC Tips to Help You Design Better PCB Boards (with Keith Armstrong)

Answering the questions about EMC that HW engineers often ask when they are designing boards. About EMC and simulators, heatsinks, shielding, filtering, mounting holes, stacked PCBs, guard rings and more ... Thank you Keith.

Explaining Veritasium Electricity Video: Energy doesn't flow in wires (with Eric Bogatin)

How long does it take to turn on a light if the switch, battery and light are on the Earth, but the cable connecting them goes to the Moon and back? Super interesting discussion about Veritasium electricity misconception video. Thank you Eric

Setting Up DDR4 Memory Simulation | ADS | with Vandana Wylde

Even if you have access to a simulation software, sometimes it's super difficult to setup memory simulation. I hope this video helps. Thank you very much to Vandana Wylde, Keysight and VOIPAC

Watch a high speed signal travel through your PCB | Simple Animation

See how a stitching VIA can help to control return current path when a track is changing reference layers.

How To Design a FLEX PCB | Stackup & Rules | Example in Altium

If you have some tips for FLEX PCB design, please leave them in comments. Thank you.

How Much Can You Make Selling Online Courses?

Many people think, that selling online courses is just to make some extra money. Actually, you can do it as a full time job ...

How To Design Boards And Electronics for Space (with Cedric Corpa)

What to be careful about when designing boards that go to space? Thank you very much Cedric, Chris, Andrew and Astrobotic

Starting with Fusion 360 - How it works and what you can do there (with Kevin Kennedy)

It's super useful to know how to create 3D models. This is how it works and what you can do ... Thank you very much Kevin Kennedy

About HW Engineers, Electronics and Youtube ( with Dave Jones EEVBlog )

"How to become a better hardware design engineer ...", that is my first question in this interview. Thank you very much Dave.

How To Build Your Own Box for a PCB Board (Using Free Fusion 360 Software) - Step By Step Tutorial

I used Fusion 360 CAD software and Creality ENDER 3 V2 3D printer to design a box for Arduino Uno board. It's super simple ...

Every HW Engineer should know this: Measuring EMC - Conducted Emissions (with Arturo Mediano)

I wish, they taught me this at university ... Thank you very much Arturo Mediano

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