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Do you need thick copper layers in PCB for high currents? Are you sure? | Steve Sandler

What is important when designing boards and power supplies with high currents? Explained by Steve Sandler

PCB Stackup Explained - What layer ordering is good or bad and why | Rick Hartley | #HighlightsRF

Examples of 2 / 4 / 6 layer PCB stackups and how to decide on layer ordering

What electrical circuit is inside of many rechargeable batteries?

How does a lithium battery protection circuit work? Why my battery shows 0V? Why are there 3 pins?

Why don’t you measure 50 OHM on a 50 OHM cable? | Eric Bogatin | #HighlightsRF

When you use a multimeter, why it doesn't show 50 OHM when you measure a 50 OHM cable or a 50 OHM PCB track? A very good explanation by Eric Bogatin

Building a radio controlled moving eye

Today I am building an eye as a proof of concept. It works!

How to add PCIE to FPGA - Just to give you an idea how it is done | Adam Taylor | #HighlightsRF

About how a PCIE is implemented inside of FPGA. A highlight from my video with Adam Taylor

Looking at the data inside of a USB signal ( Example: Decoding USB keyboard protocol )

Measuring USB signal and decoding the USB protocol is easier than I thought (but you may need a decoder). Thank you very much to Gregor Hofferbert

How To Solder | #HighlightsRF

Simple and useful tips for beginners. Steps of soldering SMD / SMT and Through hole components and recorded on a video. What are your best tips for PCB soldering? Leave them in comments - your tips may help other people.

Long vs. Short USB Cable - How much worse the signal looks if a long USB cable is used?

Measuring USB signal through different cables and for different devices. Thank you very much to Gregor Hofferbert

Where To Connect The Shield of a Cable? Explained | Rick Hartley | #HighlightsRF

Shall we connect the shield of a cable to signal GND or Earth GND? Answered by Rick Hartley

Is the USB you designed perfect? This is how you test it ... | Gregor Hofferbert

Going through a simple USB compliance test to explain how a USB interface validation and verification can be done. It's easy. Thank you very much to Gregor Hofferbert

Testing Different LED Brands

What is your experience with LED Bulbs? The LEDs I buy just keep breaking down even they suppose to last for more than 15 years. So, I decided to find out which LED brand lasts the longest ... and maybe also why they are breaking. Shall I continue with the test? Would you be interested to know the results?

Up to 255 Amps Power Supply Schematic and PCB Layout | Server Board Design | #HighlightsRF

What do you think, what is the maximum current for a Motherboard's or Server's CPU? This is a highlight from my video series where I am going through a schematic and PCB layout of a server board.

Asking Peter with 100 000+ students: How to Learn Electronics and Programming? | Peter Dalmaris

What would you recommend, how to learn electronics and programming? Where to start and what to do next? Thank you very much Peter Dalmaris

Do you connect PCB mounting holes correctly? | Keith Armstrong | #HighlightsRF

So, do you only connect one hole or all of them? Do you connect them directly to ground or ... ? Taken from my longer interview with Keith Armstrong.

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