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Who knows what do we see here? Leave comments ... #shorts

It's from a new video with Yuriy Shlepnev which is coming soon ... and it's very interesting!

What Everything Is Connected To 3D Printer Boards? | Elias Bakken

What everything is expected from a 3D printer controller board? Explained by Elias Bakken. Thank you very much Elias.

Starting with STM32 - Programming Tutorial for Beginners | Step by Step | Greidi Ajalik

For everyone who would like to learn how to start with STM32 programming. Thank you very much Greidi Ajalik

Cool Projects Explained - FLEX PCBs, Robot, Motors and more | Carl Bugeja

Learn about designing and using FLEX PCB from these projects. Thank you very much Carl Bugeja

Learn To Fix EMC Problems Easily And In Your Lab - Troubleshooting Immunity Issue | Min Zhang

Step by step explaining, debugging and fixing EMC immunity issue. Thank you very much Min Zhang

Can You Make Money on Open Source Projects? | Alicia Gibb Seidle

Shall you open source your project or not? How to promote it and protect it? This video may help. Thank you very much Alicia

Which length matching is the best? You may be surprised … | Eric Bogatin

Comparing and explaining simulation results of different types of PCB layout length matching. Thank you very much Eric Bogatin

Is This The Best Antenna Design And Simulation Software? | Markus Laudien

Watch how the antenna fields will look around your head when wearing Bluetooth headphones. One of the best videos I have ever recorded. Thank you very much Markus Laudien and ANSYS

Things on your boards causing problems during manufacturing | Amit Bahl

Do you talk to your PCB manufacturer and Assembly house to design better boards? Thank you very much Amit Bahl

Why the circuit in the thumbnail is wrong? Do you know?

A complicated topic explained by simple words. Maybe too simple, but I hope it helps many people.

Everyone designing boards needs to know this about power and noise | Florian Hämmerle| #HighlightsRF

Very interesting and practical experiment to see how noise will increase on power when running a specific software. Thank you very much Florian Hämmerle

Altium - How To Do Versioning And Releases | Explained | Michal Faruga

Finally I know how to use the Release feature in Altium Designer. Thank you Michal

DIY VIA plating - Explained how copper gets inside of a VIA | Kailey Shara | #HighlightsRF

Thinking to manufacture PCB at home? You may want to know how to put copper inside of a VIA.

I am taking a free Harvard’s online course. How is it? | CS50

Having Harvard mentioned in your CV can look really impressive. Here is how to do it .... Taking CS50: Introduction to Computer Science online course to learn and improve your programming skills.

Should you place solder mask over BGA pads? Do you know why? | Tom Hausherr | #HighlightsRF

How to decide on BGA pad size and if SMD (solder mask defined) or NSMD (non-solder mask defined) pad should be used. I asked Tom Hausherr

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